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We're a travel booking platform powered by creators of all types.

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Creator Benefits


Lifetime commission. Any hotel, any experience, any time.

Inspire your audience to create a Plannin account, and every time they book on our platform, you earn a 5% commission on any booking, for life!


Refer a creator friend and receive additional lifetime commissions.

Encourage your network of creator friends to sign up as Plannin Creators and if they're approved, you'll receive a 1% commission on all of their audience's bookings for life too.

Sustained Income

The average traveler spends $2,000 annually on hotels and attractions.1

With 10K followers and a 3% engagement rate, you could earn up to $30,000 in annual commissions.

It doesn't stop there: as your audience grows, your earnings do too.

Audience Benefits

Exclusive Deals

You will provide your audience with exclusive discounts of up to 40% off on 2M+ hotels, and access to 60K attractions and restaurants worldwide.

Ease & Inspiration

You are a source of truth, offering your audience honest recommendations, exceeding their expectations while they travel.

Built on Trust

Together with more than four decades of travel industry experience, our founders have established trusted partnerships with key players in hospitality, dining, and tour services. We've built our foundations on trust, ensuring you can confidently enjoy the benefits of these valuable connections.


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